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Champions Online expansion is now free

Kyle Horner

A lot of upset has been swirling around the Champions Online community lately. Much of it has been due to the announcement of a paid zone expansion and implementation of a "Kitchen Sink" patch that was pushed out too soon. In an effort to heal wounds and correct mistakes, Cryptic has released a new State of the Game targeted at addressing player concerns.

There are a couple big things to take away from this news. For one, the expansion is now completely free. It's also now known as Champions Online - Revelation and is due out in mid-March 2010. New play areas, new powers, new rewards, and greater challenges are all promised by Cryptic. Expect a tidal wave of screenshots, videos, interviews and sweet juicy information in the coming weeks.

The other big change is the way in which the Champions Online team is interacting with the community. They're adding a bevy of new features and community events -- like a Cryptic Studios Supergroup in-game -- that should help open up the lines of communication and hopefully add some much needed transparency to the game.

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