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Dog-e-Minder keeps tabs on your dog's vitals so you don't have to (video)

Darren Murph

You're already weighing down the massive head of your Frenchton with some sort of bark collar and GPS-enabled location tracker, so what's another pendant around the neck, anyway? Dog-e-Minder, which is cleverly being marketed to the "As Seen On TV!" crowd, is a battery-powered device that records the last time your pup (or cat, or iguana, or anything else that rocks a leash) ate, walked or took his / her medications. Essentially, owners simply mash the corresponding button after an event has occurred, and an internal timer keeps track of how long it has been since said event has happened. It also doubles as a dog identification tag (displaying the owner's contact information and the pet's name) whenever it's idle, and it's even available in a foursome of hues to match your canine's personality. The pain? $19.95, and the second one is thrown in absolutely free. Obligatory TV spot is after the break, and remember, "If you own a dog, this product will change your life." Change your life.

P.S. - There's also the Accuwalker for those of you who have no clue when the last time your pet was walked. Shame on you.

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Dog-e-Minder Keeps Track of the Last Time Your Dog Was Walked, Fed and Received Medication

This easy-to-use, three-button system is the perfect pet assistant for dog owners; Dog-e-Minder is your dog's new best friend!

Hollywood, Florida - (February 09, 2010) – Dog-e-Minder, LLC, a company founded to create simple, easy-to-use products that assist pet owners with everyday tasks, unleashes the Dog-e-Minder. With just the push of a button, this innovative device records when your dog was last walked, fed and received medication. Perfect to use as a training aide or as a reminder for busy pet owners, multi-pet homes and pet-sitters/walkers, Dog-e-Minder takes the guesswork out of "pet parenting" and let's you rest assured that your pets are given the attention they deserve!

A business and family man, Dog-e-Minder co-founder Yair Shalev, designed this product with the busy dog owner in mind, and knows first-hand just how challenging it can be to keep things orderly at a time when people are doing more with a lot less.

"My family and I are big-time dog people. We love our dogs, but we're also really busy, all of the time," said Shalev. "Sometimes we all need a little help in making sure things stay on track. The Dog-e-Minder is the perfect assistant and reminder 'tool' to make sure our four-legged family members, who rely on us the most, are being taken care of – no questions asked."

The simple, three-button design is easy for any family member to use. Each button has a symbol related to an activity. The "fire hydrant" symbolizes walk time, the "dog bone" represents feeding time and the "RX" symbol records the last time medication was administered. When you perform any one of these activities, simply hold the corresponding button down for three seconds and the current date and time is saved. To view stored information, just press the appropriate button once, and the display shows the last time the task was completed. When idle, the Dog-e-Minder also acts as a dog identification tag, displaying important pet name and owner contact information.

Slender and lightweight (weighing less than a pound) the Dog-e-Minder conveniently attaches to your pet's collar. Whether attached to the collar of a rambunctious puppy or a mellow adult, the durable and waterproof casing will handle everything from fetching to swimming, in rain or sunshine. If you choose, the Dog-e-Minder can also attach to a key chain for easy access.

With a battery and backlight included, the Dog-e-Minder is easy to program and has an easy-to-read digital display. Available in four stylish colors (black, blue, pink and red) the Dog-e-Minder is only $19.95 and can be purchased at Purchase online now, and receive a second Dog-e-Minder, absolutely free.

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