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Creative rolls out X-Fi 2 SDK, developers now free to craft games and apps

Darren Murph

We're going way out on a limb here and guessing that Creative's X-Fi 2 doesn't exactly have an insane amount of the PMP market share, but for those obsessed with its boyish good looks and world-beating user interface, we've got some thrilling news to share. The company has just made public its ADK (Application Development Kit), a Lua-based system where devs are able to "code their own interesting applications and customize the ZEN X-Fi 2." You're also able to "create and debug games and applications right from one's Windows PC," so any Mac loyalists in the house will have to fire up Boot Camp (or similar) in order to dive in. Hit the source to get your download on, and be sure to drop us a line when your riveting new title is ready for public consumption.

[Thanks, Gavin]

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