Video: Hands-on Creative X-Fi2, you get what you pay for

Look, you can't expect a cheap, touchscreen media player to cut through polygons like a hot knife through butter. That's just not how it works. And that 3.0-inch screen on Creative's new X-Fi2? Resistive. We had a chance to go hands on with Creative's little stop-gap (until the Zii can make it to product) touch-screen player here at IFA and it's pretty much exactly what we expected... or maybe a little worse. The touchscreen responded so poorly to touch mashes that we asked Creative to reshoot the video out of embarrassment on their behalf. We're not exaggerating. Still, it's not a final product (there's still tweaking to be done to the firmware) and you do get a lot of play for the buck (32GB for $230) if that's all you're looking for when it drops later this month. Watch the demo after the break -- do it!