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First screens of NinjaBee's Ancients of Ooga for XBLA


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First revealed in September of last year, NinjaBee has released the very first screens of Ancients of Ooga, an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game. The game centers around the Oogani, comprised of tribes of voracious, imp-like creatures. According to the press release, the primary action of the Oogani is to eat. Depending on what one consumes, the player-controlled Oogani can be imbued with special abilities, though apparently some tasty morsels have detrimental effects as well.

The release also notes that the game is "packed with puzzle solving, bad-guy fighting, ladder-climbing, catapulting, strange-object eating, puking enjoyment." Given the bizarre humor of Ancients of Ooga, it shouldn't surprise that J. Kenworthy Entertainment is developing the game as a spiritual successor to its first XBLA outing, Cloning Clyde.

Check out a bunch of beta build screens -- which are definitely giving off a demented Kirby sort of vibe -- in the gallery below. Ancients of Ooga is planned for release later this year.

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