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Logitech brings out Wireless Desktop MK710 with a claimed three-year battery life

Vlad Savov

Logitech raised a few eyebrows with the longevous battery life on the MK700, and for its encore the company is bringing even more endurance with a claimed three-year battery life for both the keyboard and mouse -- a feat it claims to have been first to achieve. Aggressive power-saving algorithms are the purported reason you won't have to swap out the AA cells for a cool 36 months, but Logitech is quick to reassure us that these optimizations won't be causing any unseemly lag. It's also quite boastful about the MK710 coming equipped with its teeny Unifying receiver to really minimize peripheral clutter. If only the keyboard wasn't the size of a spaceship's dashboard, we too might have been interested in dishing out the $99 and saying farewell to our wires. Either way, the combo is hitting Europe this month with Americans having to wait a bit for an April launch.

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