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Motorola details Android 2.1 update for Droid


Motorola already dropped word that Android 2.1 would be rolling out to the Droid this week, and it's now followed that up with some eagerly anticipated details on just what's in store. As expected, that includes full multitouch with pinch-to-zoom in the browser, gallery and maps applications, along with some voice recognition and virtual keyboard enhancements, a new 3D gallery, a news and weather app, an enhanced music app (with tabs for navigation) and, of course, the Google Goggles app, among other more minor updates. Still no indication that the update is rolling out just yet, however, although Droid users should get a notification as soon as it's available. Hit up the link below for the complete release notes.

[Thanks, Jimmy]

Update: Looks like the details have been pulled, with the page now simply saying "There is a release coming, check back soon." We are checking, Moto! Thanks, Matthew!

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