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Telltale games headed to Mac, Tales of Monkey Island out now


Hey, remember that "totally unconfirmed" report that stated Telltale would be bringing its whole catalog to the Mac and, furthermore, would be showing off Mac versions of its games at Macworld? You can slide that over to "totally confirmed" now, as Telltale has officially announced that it is indeed bringing its titles to Mac OS. The first game to hit the platform will be Tales of Monkey Island, which is actually available for the Mac right now. Telltale is currently asking fans to decide which game it releases next: Strong Bad, Sam & Max or Wallace and Gromit.

Perhaps the best part about it all: Telltale also announced that the Mac versions of its games will be free to anyone who already purchased the PC version. Presumably, that also means that those who buy the Mac version will have access to PC versions. Either way, it means a whole new audience for Telltale's games.

The company will be at Macworld this week, showcasing Tales of Monkey Island. Speaking of which, curious Mac gamers out there can grab the demo for Tales of Monkey Island at the Telltale website (and we suggest you do).

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