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Macworld 2010: TUAW interviews Dr. Ge Wang of Smule


We've talked to a lot of people at Macworld already, but Dr. Ge Wang is one of my favorites -- he's the co-founder of Smule, creators of popular apps for the iPhone that combine music and social experiences in a very interesting way. Wang's day job is an associate professorship at Stanford, and you can tell when listening to him talk about these apps that he's very passionate about using interesting platforms like the iPhone (and soon, as we discuss, the iPad) to help people from all walks of life make and share their own songs and musical experiences.

I can't say I've been a fan of all of Smule's apps (as we say in the video, I still don't really understand the full appeal of Sonic Lighter), but I can't argue that Dr. Wang has some really intriguing ideas about how to use this platform. And Smule's ongoing popularity can't be debated, either. Watch the interview after the link below to see if you might just be a fan of one of the more impressive iPhone app developers.

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