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NIS America to enter US anime market with Persona: Trinity Soul


NIS America isn't all about making niche video games. No, they're going to be making niche anime DVDs as well. Beginning mid-2010, NIS America will roll out their new anime line, beginning with these four titles: Toradora!, Persona: Trinity Soul, PandoraHearts, and Our Home's Fox Deity.

Jack Niida confirmed that these titles will be available exclusively on DVD at first, although didn't rule out the possibility of Blu-ray, PlayStation Network and Zune Marketplace releases in the future. These series will receive a limited print, and will be available through online specialty retailers -- brick and mortar stores, like Best Buy and Walmart, will not carry these titles. Series will be sold as box sets, with approximately half a season included in each package. The press release also states that "like its video game offerings, anime titles will be available with collector's items."

When questioned why NIS America would enter yet another niche market, Niida told us that "a lot of anime companies have shut down," leaving only Funimation, Bandai and VIZ Media to represent the entirety of the US anime market. NIS America wanted to pursue some of the smaller titles that would otherwise never find an English language distributor. Certainly, this is good news for Persona fans, but we wish NIS America the best of luck tackling an industry plagued with an even larger piracy problem than games.

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