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Planet Calypso welcomes their new community manager while looking to the future


The team over at First Planet Company, the minds behind the MMO/Second Life hybrid Planet Calypso, have recently welcomed a brand new community manager onto their staff -- Hanne Einan Gulbrandsen. Gulbrandsen is the game's first dedicated community manager, bringing the virtual world in line with the company practices of other MMO companies.

But, while Gulbrandsen settles into his new office and title, First Planet Company has also detailed their development roadmap for this year -- going over future additions such as vehicles, a new questing/mission system, and the addition of fish to the world (as shown above.) The mission system will finally give Calypso MMO style storyline quests, offering players a new way to play the game and experience the planet's lore. How these new quests will impact the game's real money-based economy will be interesting, especially if doing them offers in-game rewards.

The more anticipated update, the inclusion of vehicles, was also touched on during their roadmap article. Players will finally be able to build and drive vehicles around the planet, making transportation easier while simultaneously offering a new crafting option and the ability for players to offer taxi services around the planet.

The full road map is quite interesting and goes on to explain which old services will be re-added to the game at a later date, so if you're a Calypso fan, be sure to check out the full article.

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