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EverQuest II hits ConnectDING goal of 15,000 fans


If you're an EverQuest II player, you should rejoice right about now! SOE's ConnectDING! program has been a success in EverQuest II, granting everyone in game a celebratory 500 station cash and the community pillow fight pillow!

The last day was the decider, as the EQII community got over 1,000 more fans to sign up to the game's Facebook and Twitter pages in a single day. It looked a little iffy, especially as the community still needed 947 of those fans to sign up within 12 hours, but they made it with only a few hours to spare, clinching the victory.

The station cash has already been deposited into everyone's accounts, however the community pillow has not. Look forward to the community pillow in your inbox tomorrow, after the Sentinel's Fate server downtime.

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