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Gas Powered Games announces 'Kings and Castles,' antics ensue


"We're doing something different this time," Chris Taylor, of Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games, said about the development of the company's new game, Kings and Castles. He's not really talking about the game -- it's another real-time strategy game, being developed for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 -- but rather of the development process.

The developer plans to be as open as it can while working on the game, promising frequent updates on Facebook and Twitter (from Taylor's account, @DeathBot9), as well as on the game's website. "Synergy will be leveraged, and paradigms will be established," Taylor said in the press release. "More importantly, buzzwords will be utilized." From the tone so far, you might expect the updates to be on the silly side.

The first effort in this initiative: a video blog in which Taylor does stuff on a farm for some reason. See it after the break.

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