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Notepod+ helps you sketch your iPad ideas


From the makers of the Notepod comes the Notepod+, which does for the iPad what the original paper version of the iPhone accomplished. It allows you to sketch out any app ideas or UI insights you might happen to have laying around. One of the refrains we heard from at Macworld last week was that the iPad was a completely different animal -- apps on the new device won't (and shouldn't) be the same as apps already running on the iPhone (even though iPhone apps will work on both devices). So if you want an iPad-sized, erm, pad to draw your ideas on, Notepod+ is it.

And as you can see in the picture above, it doubles as a mousepad and/or a plain old pen-and-paper notetaker as well. The pad itself is US$19.95, and wireless filesharing comes free -- just rip the top page off and mail it out to anyone you want to share it with!

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