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SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 debuts with Android, Symbian support (update: video!)


We'd already caught a glimpse of it on Toshiba's new TG02 handset, but SPB Software has now gotten fully official with SPB Mobile Shell 5.0, which will be available to consumers and OEMs alike. The big news with this one is that SPB has added support for both Android and Symbian in addition to Windows Mobile, all of which will be able to take advantage of a spiffy new 3D engine and a new "natural interaction engine" that apparently has full multitouch support. Other additions include some 3D widgets, and an array of tightly integrated social networking features, including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Still no indication of a price or release date for the consumer version, unfortunately, nor is there any official word on any other phones that will come with it pre-installed.

[Thanks, Srle]

Update: Check out a video demo after the break!

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