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Star Trek Online fans set nerdiest world record ever

[Image via Times Online]
While we're certain you well-adjusted lotharios spent your Valentine's Day basking in the adoration of your significant other, 99 Star Trek Online fans spent the day breaking the most unapologetically dorky world record known to mankind: The most costumed Star Trek fans ever gathered in a single place. We imagine they also broke the "most depressing way to spend a Valentine's Day" record as well, but we don't have any way of empirically proving that.

No, you know what? We take back that mean thing we just said. 99 people chose to dress up like their favorite Star Trek character, suffered crummy weather to gather on London's Millennium Bridge, and celebrated this thing that they love. Hell, if we'd known Atari representatives were going to be there to distribute free lifetime subscriptions to the game, we would've happily helped to bring the grand total of participants into the triple digits.

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