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Yoshinori Kitase: Cut Final Fantasy XIII content will not return as DLC


That "entire game's worth" of content that was reported to have been cut from Final Fantasy XIII? Well, don't expect it to return in the form of DLC for the game. Speaking with Joystiq, FFXIII producer Yoshihiro Kitase said of the trimmed elements, "There wasn't all this other stuff that we wanted to include but had to cut. It was more of a selective process you'd find in any development process, where there were a lot of ideas but then we chose the best of those to include in the final game. The things that were cut either didn't make sense in the storyline, would slow down the pace of the game or were otherwise unnecessary."

Kitase wanted to stress his "final word" on topic, telling us, "There is no plan for these things that were cut -- because they weren't essential to the game -- to be revived as downloadable content," laughing as he remarked that he wouldn't want to add back in the stuff he didn't think should be in there in the first place. We're cool with that, as long as they didn't cut out a "Meanwhile ..." segment that just happened to be a remake of Final Fantasy VII in its entirety.

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