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Sony's Blu-ray players do 3D in 1080p even with HDMI 1.3


More than a few commenters were confused to see Sony's first 3D Blu-ray players sporting HDMI 1.3 outputs when they were announced recently. Rumors circled that we would see some sort of lower res, even "3D-Lite," experience (similar to the quality of DirecTV's side by side compression) as a result of a lack of bandwidth in the connector. We went straight to the source to find out what buyers can expect from the BDP-S470, BDP-S570 and other hardware when they receive those MVC encoded discs later this year. Luckily, Sony's Greg Belloni has responded and informed us that will definitely not be the case:

"The 3D-ready models mentioned in the release will be fully capable of 3D playback of Full HD 1080p for each eye. The players and theater systems support the HDMI 1.4 spec for 3D playback, but may not support all of the qualifications of spec (which is why we haven't labeled it specifically 1.4 at this time)."

We're not sure if that's enough to make the buying decision on your next player easier (the BD-C6900 does have that ever enticing window) but we have yet to hear from any manufacturer that when it comes to 3D, buyers will be limited to lower resolution playback because of player bandwidth issues. Our only quibble is why DivX playback is limited to the Canadian editions of these players (check the manual after the break,) but if there are any remaining questions, let us know and we'll get them answered.

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