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Yes, there's a Toy Story 3: The Game for that console

Justin McElroy

Did you expect any less? Did you expect that there would be a movie called Toy Story 3 and that there wouldn't be an Avalanche Software-developed tie-in game available on Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, DS and PSP? Oh, yeah, there's an iPhone/iPod Touch app too that should arrive with the others on June 15.

For all our macho posturing, we're actually intrigued by a touted "Toy Box" mode which is supposed to be an "open-world, sandbox style of play." What does Disney mean by that? Well, according to the release, it's "designed to replicate the universal experience of playing with toys as a kid" and "brings cowboys, space rangers, dinosaurs, and little green aliens together to create adventures only possible in a child's imagination. Kids, families and fans will dive into Andy's toy box with creativity driving their own stories and adventures."

... Guys, if you haven't designed that part yet, just say so. It's OK, you've got plenty of time.

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