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It came from the Blog: Love is in the Blog snapshots


We had the loveliest time last Saturday at the Love is in the Blog event. First, many of the staff mingled with the guildies at the court fountain in Silvermoon City. Then we ran around and did Love is in the Air quests. The staffers that showed up were:
  • Elizabeth Harper
  • Michael Sacco
  • Lisa Poisso
  • Allison Robert
  • Matthew Rossi
  • Chase Christian
  • Christian Belt
  • Rich Maloy
  • Dawn Moore
  • Anne Stickney
  • Fox Van Allen
  • Amy Schley
  • Basil Berntsen
  • Robin Torres (That's me!)
It was such a success, that we plan on holding a mixer before the Lunar Festival event as well. Details for that coming soon. In the meantime, please enjoy the annotated snapshots in the gallery:

Gallery: Love is in the Blog 2010 | 38 Photos

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