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PS3's Torne DVR adapter gets moved up to March in Japan

Tim Stevens

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Well, look at that. After a suite of delays and a confirmed launch in May, the Torne DTV DVR adapter for the PS3 (OMG, TLA overload) is actually getting released two months ahead of schedule. It'll ship on March 18, to be exact, which just so happens to be the birthday of a certain Engadget editor -- a certain editor who certainly won't be expecting one of these as a present, as it's highly unlikely that this device, or the all-inclusive bundle with a 250GB PS3, will ever see American shores. Meanwhile those in Japan can expect to pay ¥9,980 ($110) or ¥42,800 ($466.52) for the "limited edition" bundle, which we hear makes a lovely unbirthday present.

Via: Joystiq
Source: Sony
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