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Novatel shows off next-gen GPS-enabled MiFi, integrated 'apps' (video)

Tim Stevens

If you haven't freaked out and given up on MiFi after they were shown to be, well, a little bit vulnerable, good for you, because there's good things in store. Novatel is working on a new revision of its routers with integrated GPS, USB charging, and what's pledged to be better battery life. Perhaps most interesting among the revisions is firmware able to run Linux "apps" that display content within the MiFi's admin webpage. Current apps are things like data usage and weather but the possibilities are endless -- or slightly broader than weather and usage, at least. It's unclear which (if any) of the current MiFi models will be also be blessed with this firmware update and its resplendent selection of homebrew widgets, but we do know that the new MiFi model will be hitting carriers sometime toward the middle of 2010 and will be selling unlocked around the end of the year.

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