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ThinkPad W701 and W701ds specs emerge from a leaky faucet

Vlad Savov

Time to update you on another forthcoming update in the laptop world, this time concerning Lenovo's premier widescreen workstation range. Purported internal Lenovo slides from earlier this year show the new W701 and W701ds ThinkPads nonchalantly hanging out next to some pretty beefy spec sheets. The W701, which we saw passing through the FCC, is again listed alongside an Intel Extreme series CPU and a Wacom Digitizer, while its display quality has been upgraded all the way to 100 percent of the NTSC color gamut and 280 nits of brightness. Going stride for stride with it is the dual-screen W701ds, with both machines offering up to 16GB of RAM, SSD options up to a quarter of a terabyte, and Ultrabay expandability. DisplayLink ports and the like are just glazing on the cake, but we can't help noticing the frankly silly two-hour battery rating on the 701ds -- guess that CPU is going to live up to its Extreme name in every way imaginable. The announcement date listed for these machines is February 23, which is when we'll be better able to gauge the veracity of the specs before us.

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