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Macworld Expo: Podcaster rogues' gallery


They're the voices you hear coming out of your computer and your iPhone -- you know, the ones that tell you what's coming soon and why you might want to save up for future purchases. Yes, contrary to what you might have guessed, podcasters have faces to go with those voices; we showcased three of our favorites in our livecasting sessions from Macworld Expo, and the clips are reproduced in the second half of this post.

Our three victims visitors deliver distinctive voices on Apple news and the Mac/iPhone community. First up, Shawn King of Your Mac Life, who graded the expo from his 13-year perspective as an Internet broadcaster. Second, the maven of daily Mac news (and a TUAW contributor), Ken Ray of Mac OS Ken. Last, friend to novice Macheads everywhere, Victor Cajiao of Typical Mac User. Enjoy!

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Shawn King

Ken Ray

Victor Cajiao

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