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Aliens vs. Predator facehugs UK charts, Just Dance not going anywhere


Like seasoned hunters, Aliens vs. Predators quickly and efficiently concluded BioShock 2's brief dominance atop Chart-Track's UK all-formats sales chart. The prior week, BioShock 2 unseated Mass Effect 2. Meanwhile, Just Dance refused to give up that #2 spot. Ubisoft's dance-a-thon title saw a 55 percent sales increase as BioShock 2 took a 77 percent dive into third place.

Thanks to the Winter Olympics going on in the great semi-white north of Canada, Sega saw a ski-jump boost in sales for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, which made its way back into the Top 10 in the eighth spot. Anthropomorphic and mushroom-tripping Olympians weren't the only ones to benefit from the hype, as Vancouver 2010 received a 274 percent increase and broke into the Top 40 at 11th place -- which is, like, a tin medal? Perhaps one of those chocolates wrapped in gold foil?

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