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Danish newspaper fakes iPad on front page


As the newspaper industry struggles to find its way in an increasingly digital world, publishers, writers, and so on are reconsidering their business models. Danish newspaper Information makes the case for going digital crystal clear by filling its entire front page with an image of the iPad (at right).

The supporting article (translated into English here) details how local free newspapers are killing the paid competition, and makes the case for online distribution and micropayments. It's an idea we've seen before, but it is still untested on a large scale.

As for consumers, interest in go-anywhere, read-anytime digital newspapers, magazines and books is high. According to the Association of American Publishers, e-books grew at a compound annual rate of 58% between 2002 and 2008. The Kindle and Nook have also performed well for Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and iPad anticipation is high. The issue, of course, is how established organizations like Information, The New York Times, etc... will make the transition.

There's much conjecture over whether the iPad will save the publishing industry. Most are skeptical if not downright unconvinced. In the end, whoever finds the perfect solution that pleases consumers and producers alike will reap an incredible bounty. Who that will be remains to be seen.

Update: There's a
higher resolution photo here.

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