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Habey intros fanless, noiseless Atom Z510-based BIS-6620 mini PC: shh!

Darren Murph

Habey's no stranger to the diminutive PC arena, but the latest from the company just might be the one you've been scouting. If you've been scouting a mini PC that's dead-silent, that is. The BIS-6620 is described as "an ultra-compact fanless and noiseless PC platform based on the Intel Atom Z510 processor," measuring just 4.5- x 4.5- x 1.5-inches and offering up GMA 500 graphics, 1080p hardware decoding, a single DDR2 SODIMM memory slot, room for a 1.8-inch (iPod classic-sized), a few USB 2.0 sockets, integrated SD / CF card readers, gigabit Ethernet port, an optional WiFi module and your choice of OS (Windows XP Embedded, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Linux). There's a fair chance this could double as a simplistic media player in your cramped studio apartment, and at just $299.99 at NewEgg, you won't be shattering the bank in the process. Video's after the break.

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