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The Tattered Notebook: Sentinel's Fate aftermath and advice


Hrm. After a brief vacation, darlings, I am back at the reigns of my column. Neriak was lovely this time of year -- I encourage you all to stop by for a visit if you have the time.

But who has the time these days, right? All of your are off exploring Odus as if you haven't seen the place in 500 years. I hear that some adventurers are already tackling some of the most dangerous dungeons on that continent already! My, my, my, how you all tackle your challenges so quickly.

Many of you have had some very interesting things to say about Odus, and I've been silently watching and taking some notes. I've got them all right here, tucked away in my notebook. I've even amassed some answers for a few of your more common problems, just in time for the digital download release today. But, all of you can never say that Seccia Ravenloft was a secretive elf. I'm more than happy to share my findings so come closely, gather around the campfire, and listen here.

So, let's get into the thick of things. If you were to read the forum postings as extensively as I just did, you would get the impression that Odus is not only broken, it's strapped to skis, sent down a 1,000 foot ski jump, lit on fire, and about to crash into pointy rocks with swords sticking out between the cracks.

Luckily, however, it's not all of those things... entirely. For a few problems there are some suitable fixes, but there are some issues that need to be ironed out by the development team. First of all, some of your problems and some advice:

Not enough quest exp for those who like to solo

It's a fact. Leveling through the overland zones and doing all of the quests will not rocket you to 90. You will get stuck around 87 and a half. SF quests just don't give that much experience. While soloers are complaining that their way to play the game is being trampled upon, there are ways to get around this little problem.

First of all, take advantage of chronomagic to do content you didn't cover. Also consider going outside of Sentinel's Fate and taking advantage of older quests from The Shadow Odyssey, as apparently they are paying out greater than Sentinel's Fate quests right now.

Otherwise, you can always tackle group content. While this breaks the whole idea of leveling, other people aren't so bad -- really. Beyond grouping is doing the repeatable quests over and over again at 90, and I'm quite sure you don't want to do that. Take the lesser of two evils -- join with others.

The Hole's quest tokens take up too many slots in my bag

This is both good news and bad news for you. Many members of the community are calling for The Hole's token quests to become quest updates instead, which would mean that tokens wouldn't be added to your bags. While this clears out bag space, it also prevents you from the benefits of holding tokens in your bag -- quest completion spamming.

When you're down in The Hole, don't throw away tokens because, "I already have enough to complete the quest." First, check to see if the quest is repeatable. If it is, then amass as many tokens as possible.

By amassing tokens, you're guaranteeing yourself multiple quest completions when you go back to visit the quest giver. If he only wants 10 tokens and you have 40, that's three more quest turn ins that you can claim right there in one run. Take advantage of the system.

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