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Ngmoco acquires iPhone game dev Freeverse


Despite a still-wavering economy (and industry-wide layoffs), Neil Young's ngmoco has just bought up large Brooklyn-based iPhone game developer Freeverse. Gamasutra talked to both ngmoco and Freeverse, who (expectedly) had nothing but sugary kisses to throw at each other. "We've been thinking about how to accelerate our strategic growth though acquisitions of companies and intellectual property, and Freeverse was really at the top of our list," said Neil Young. Meanwhile, vice president of Freeverse Colin Lynch Smith described the relationship between his company and Young's as "like the perfect dating situation." Now things are really steaming up!

The ngmoco head further describes his company's goal in the purchase as, "to acquire the companies we think have the right blend of talent and DNA and intellectual property we think will work well in the freemium space," echoing comments he made recently on why Rolando 3 never got to roll around on our iPhones. With plans to reach out to developers with the Plus+ SDK (the company's social networking service) in the coming weeks and an outwardly aggressive strategy to pursue the free-to-play market, ngmoco certainly has plenty on its plate in 2010.

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