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For Rogers, HTC Magic + Sense = Magic+

Chris Ziegler

Thought that one of the first major Android devices in the world would go away without a fight? Think again! T-Mobile and Rogers have taken two very different roads to extend the lives of their HTC Sapphire-based devices. Big Magenta, of course, has opted to make a hardware tweak, adding a much-needed 3.5mm headphone jack and spitting out a faux wood limited edition; Rogers, meanwhile, rather suddenly updated the firmware with Sense. Oh, but that's not all -- it turns out that Rogers views the Sense upgrade as such a big deal that it's changing the name of the phone altogether, tacking a plus symbol on the end. Yep, that's right: meet the Magic+. Apart from Sense on 1.5 with a promise of 2.1 down the road, though, there's nothing materially new here, so don't feel too bad if you've been stuck with one of the plus-less models. No, seriously.

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