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Sharp PB20ZU gets FCC approval -- is this 'Pure' from Microsoft's Project Pink?

Chris Ziegler

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The puzzle pieces are all fitting together now, aren't they? Just a few days after regulatory passage of the PB10ZU from Sharp -- a device that could very well be the pebble-shaped Turtle -- we're now seeing a separate filing for the PB20ZU. The label document isn't terribly detailed here, but if you squint your eyes, you can definitely see how this lines up perfectly with the concept of a landscape QWERTY slider which is exactly what Project Pink's rumored second phone, the Pure, is expected to be. Despite Microsoft's blowout announcement at MWC earlier this month, there was nary a mention of Pink or the Danger-influenced hardware and software said to surround it, so we're expecting to see this stuff soon -- especially now that we've got FCC certification under our belts. CTIA, perhaps? Notably, this phone rocks CDMA with Bluetooth and WiFi, so if it sees duty on an American carrier -- which it almost certainly will -- it's gotta be either Verizon or Sprint. Stay tuned.

Source: FCC
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