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Community upset causes Cryptic to make a statement on STO promotion

Kyle Horner

Part of the Star Trek Online community was heaved into an upset recently by an promotion that added an extra 30 days of free play time on top of the preexisting 30 days, bringing the total to a whopping 60. (Edit: The promotion added an extra 60 days, bringing the total to a larger 90 days of free time.) buyers would also pay $10 less, making it a good deal for anyone still sitting on the proverbial fence. Some players who were unhappy with the sale expressed a feeling of betrayal from Cryptic, saying this was too good a deal too soon after the game's February 2nd launch.

Cryptic has given an official statement on the matter and it appears that the promotion has been removed. So if something like this would've pushed you into checking the game out, we're sorry to say it's no longer available. We'll keep you updated on any further developments or sales. Plus, there's always Steam weekend deals.

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