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GameStop lists standalone Xbox 360 250GB hard drive [update]


GameStop has listed a 250 GB Xbox 360 hard drive for sale, priced at $130 and scheduled to release on March 23. When reached for comment, Microsoft declined to make a statement by the time of this posting. Checking with GameStop, the retailer wouldn't confirm the product either, but did tell us that the page featuring the 250GB drive "is not an error."

Microsoft had previously stated, like, only two weeks ago, that it planned to keep the larger drives tied to bundles. Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Product Manager Aaron Greenberg also told us at the time, "We're always evaluating." Clearly.

Update 1: GameStop has removed the listing. Additionally, tipster Matt V. (thanks dude!) reports that, on March 9, Amazon also briefly listed the 250GB drive dated for March 23 -- for only $59.99! Though the likely erroneous offer has since been removed from the online retailer, Matt says his order is still active and that Amazon has emailed him with a new estimated ship date of April 10. The plot thickens ...

Update 2: As of March 22, tipster Matt's order has been canceled by Amazon, but the retailer does suggest that an "alternate" item has been listed.

[Thanks, Patrick]

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