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Kratos' Blade of Chaos up for sale, some strings attached

We know that there are a few cutlery enthusiasts out there who read that headline and immediately clicked the source link to purchase Kratos' Blade of Chaos from retailer BUDK. Before you do so, you should take into account a few facts:

  1. Kratos' weapons are being sold piecemeal on the site, so that $123.99 price tag only represents the cost of a single Blade. What's the point of having a single Blade of Chaos? Unless you're ironically cosplaying as Amputee Kratos, you're going to need two, so you should mentally jack that price up to $247.98.
  2. Replica swords are dangerous.
  3. Replica swords that you attach to your wrists with chains and then swing around like a madman are extremely dangerous.

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