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Vodafone spicing up HTC Legend with 360 services

Chris Ziegler

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Vodafone 360 has yet to come to Android -- but really, what's stopping it? Though it initially launched on some custom Samsung dumbphones, the megacarrier's cloud-ish social platform ended up spreading to the desktop and a couple of S60 devices, so there's no good reason we couldn't see it on smartphones across the whole range. Indeed, the company has now announced that the Legend will be loaded up with 360 services of some sort, but what's really interesting is that the Desire won't be, even though Vodafone will be carrying both models. It's possible that HTC wants to leave its top-of-the-range model as virgin as it possibly can be, but at any rate, just remember this simple guide, folks: if you hate 360 but you've got to get in on HTC's latest round of hotties, get the Desire; if you like it, get the Legend or prepare to live without it.

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