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PAX East 2010 Omegathon in the hands of fate

Justin McElroy

True champions of the Omegathon have always had to rely on skill to preserve them. But in the PAX East 2010 edition of the event, the oft-cruel hand of fate will play a much larger role. As revealed today, competitors will be selected (at random!) at the convention and then partnered up (purely by chance!). Once paired, the 32 combatants will be put through the following grueling trials:

Round 1: Mario Kart: Double Dash
Round 2: Geometry Wars 2
The Semi-Finals: A Rhythm Game
The Final Round: A Mystery!

The lucky duo that escapes fate's grasp will walk away with tickets, airfare and hotel accommodations for GAMESCOM and $2,500 a piece. But is that prize worth tempting chance's unpredictable wrath? ... Well, yeah, pretty much.

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