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Shatter bounces onto PC and PSN with new modes


Ludwig offered some high praise in our Best of the Rest series for Shatter, the Arkanoid-inspired PSN arcade game. Not content on making the game exclusive to PS3 owners, developer Sidhe has announced a new platform for brick-busting: the PC. Arriving on Steam in "the coming weeks," the PC port will feature new game modes, including Endless, Endless Co-Op, Time Attack and Time Attack Co-op.

Fans of the original Shatter eager to get their hands on the new content won't have to buy the PC version, though. Sidhe director Mario Wynands told the NeoGAF community that "we will be bringing the new modes back to the PSN version"; however, it's unclear if the new modes will arrive as a free title update, or premium DLC. "[We] haven't worked out the exact nature or timing of that yet," Wynands told PSN Stores. Considering the low price of the original, we're certain fans won't mind spending a few more dollars to access the new content.

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