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iPad launches April 3 with largest video game catalog in the universe*


Sometimes, folks, you just have to be in awe of technology. On April 3, Apple will launch a device that's even larger than the DSi XL and yet so conveniently tuned to our impulsive consumerism. Sure, at first, and perhaps well into the iPad's life cycle, most of the games compatible with the device will be designed for a much smaller screen -- but they're just 99 cents!

The goal isn't to achieve the best portable gaming experience on the market -- no! It's to amass the biggest gaming collection possible. For $699, you'll get 64GB of iPad to jam-pack with games. Hundreds of them! Trust us, your friends will be jealous (until Apple's next innovation is unveiled).

The iPad will be released to US retail on Saturday, April 3 in 3 models: 16GB, WiFi-only ($499); 32GB, WiFi-only ($599); and 64GB, WiFi-only ($699). The WiFi-only models will be available for pre-order beginning March 12, and the 3G versions will be released later in April when the iPad also launches in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Check out Engadget's coverage for more details.

*Okay, the "known" universe. Who knows what's really out there ...

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