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Red Ringed Xbox transforms into robot (sculpture)


When your Xbox 360 suffers from the Red Ring of Death (and it will), there are a great many things you may want to do to it. You might feel like hurling it from the roof into a waiting wood chipper. You might feel like drowning it in your own tears in a desperate attempt to cool its heat-blasted insides and restore it to life. Ultimately, however, you'll probably do what we all do: Send it in for repair. That is, unless you're Jasper Stevens.

Stevens, you see, decided to turn his busted box into a robot sculpture. Featured at technabob, Stevens' RRoDMan is most productive form of nerd rage we've ever seen. Even more impressive, Stevens claims that the uses no tape or glue. We can only assume that the sculpture is held together by broken dreams.

[Via CNET]

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