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Wasteland Diaries: Action factions


The need to belong is inherently essential to the human experience, and that doesn't change even when the apocalypse lands. The decision to join one of Fallen Earth's six factions is not one to make lightly, unless you pretend that you're pledging a frat or sorority full of pistol-wielding maniacs.

In this edition of Wasteland Diaries, we're going to turn a squinty eye to Fallen Earth's factions and see what makes them tick -- what their philosophy is, what they look like, what 1980's cartoon possibly inspired them, and what their counterparts may be in the current world.

So get ready to be wooed by the sexy six, all after the jump!


  • "Twice in the chest, one in the head, then you know they're dead."
  • Looks: Disguises, fine clothes, leather
  • AKA: Waste Walkers, The Rat Pack
  • Attributes: Greed, Cutthroat Capitalism
  • Philosophy: The world has fallen and everyone is out for themselves, so why not make a bit of profit on the side? Travelers sell out to the highest bidder, are extremely adept at finding and moving goods, and keep the economy of the world ticking. They do hold to a code that has a spark of honor in it, even if they are morally weak.
  • 80's Cartoon Predecessor: MASK or Real Ghostbusters (bustin' ghosts for cold, hard cash)
  • Real World Equivalent: The Travelers are obviously meant to evoke associations with organized crime (i.e. the Mafia) with their brutal tactics and heavy reliance on the power of chips -- or the power of a gun, if it comes to that. But I also see Travelers as representing those in our society who are out to get ahead at any cost, whether it be in the business, political or social scene. They ask players to do highly questionable acts and reward those the most who betray their conscience.


  • "Techs eat babies! It's true! I've never seen a baby around, have you?"
  • Looks: Regular (hand-made) clothes made from organic materials
  • AKA: Tree-Huggers, Earth Talkers, Greenies
  • Attributes: Environmentalism, Individualism
  • Philosophy: The world has been wounded and betrayed by mankind, and as such, people have lost their right to rule over the world, but should instead serve it. Vistas protect the environment at all costs, even if it means a slaughter here or there.
  • 80's Cartoon Predecessor: If only Captain Planet was in the 80's... oh well, we'll go with Smurfs on this one.
  • Real World Equivalent: Environmentalists are a blatant ancestor of the Vistas, especially those who take their beliefs to the extreme ends. But I'd also throw in survivalists as well, and anyone who can live off the land without any external assistance -- hunters, farmers, trail guides, even Boy Scout leaders. These are the best candidates for surviving the fall of civilization, and will endure while others die.


  • Looks: Military uniforms, armor, camouflage
  • AKA: Armored Bullies, Brutes, Techno Flunkies, Hounds, Shackles
  • Attributes: Order, Law
  • Philosophy: The sole salvation of the world lies in the efforts of those who adhere to the law, and uphold it rigorously no matter what, even if others refuse to submit to the law. The Enforcers are unforgiving in their training and efforts, and require conformity and absolute obedience.
  • 80's Cartoon Predecessor: G.I. Joe!
  • Real World Equivalent: The Enforcer's real world counterpart is the most obvious of them all, as they clearly represent the military and law enforcement with their command structure and goals. They are those who know that without order enforced by strength, society would fragment and fall apart. However, they are also those who lack empathy and compassion, seeing those as "weak" traits that have no place in the same room as justice and rules.


  • Looks: Light armor, tubes and cables, plenty of pockets and pouches for gadgets
  • AKA: Earth Haters, Techno-monsters, Tree Killers, Puppets
  • Attributes: Technological Know-How, Brainy
  • Philosophy: Technology is the key to restoring the world to its former glory, and as such, knowledge of science and its practical aspects are to be preserved, shared and utilized as much as possible.
  • 80's Cartoon Predecessor: Transformers
  • Real World Equivalent: Many of us have a lot in common with the Techs, especially as our society continues to barrel down the road of instant adaptation of gadgets and software in every aspect of our lives, for better and for worse. The more practical side of Techs is seen in our mechanics and engineers, those who know how to make things and then fix them when they break.


  • "We are the result of Master's tyranny."
  • Looks: Slapdash collection of armor, lots of spikes and dangerous-looking bits, tattoos and facial paint.
  • Attributes: Functional Anarchy, Darwinism
  • Philosophy: CHOTA survives and endures after the apocalypse by reverting to a tribal system that's served mankind well for thousands of years. They appeal to the feral human inside, the one who was "tamed" by civilization but is now free to pursue its course.
  • 80's Cartoon Predecessor: JEM (they're truly outrageous!) or possibly Thundercats
  • Real World Equivalent: CHOTA are the rebels, the punks, the angry fringe that push against conformity and rules and strive for freedom from perceived restraints. They can be the protesters on a college campus, the extreme sports crowd, and even street gangs who live off emotions rather than reason.


  • "You have chosen wisely, not like that Nazi guy."
  • Looks: Eastern influences, robes and sashes, Oriental armor
  • AKA: Tea Makers, Brothers/Sisters
  • Attributes: Healing, Faith
  • Philosophy: The world -- and more importantly, its people -- can be healed through spiritual enlightenment and a heavy dose of mutations. Harmony and peace are worth fighting for, even if that's somewhat of a contradiction.
  • 80's Cartoon Predecessor: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Real World Equivalent: Doctors and nurses are obvious candidates for real-world Lightbearers, as they help to heal the physical body. But healing comes in many other forms: emotional (therapists), spiritual (clergy) and social (party planners). Not to mention that the Lightbearers draw heavily from the martial arts masters of the day, from Kung Fu to fencing. Heck, let's just say it out loud: ninjas, baby, ninjas.

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