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Aqua scrollbar art


I love these bits of art by Anders Clauson featuring iconography from the old Aqua OS X interface -- obviously it's not a straight representation of the actual interface, but instead, it's kind of a weird deconstruction of the scrollbars. There's one that's just a random desktop screenshot, and another that shows the interface actually opened up in a Photoshop document. The overall effect is that the artist isn't just showing off the parts of the UI, he's also deconstructing the actual process of creating and using a UI as well. Good stuff.

It's also interesting to me to think that with the coming of the iPad, we may be seeing the end of interface widgets like this. When all you have is a touchscreen and gestures, you don't really need to deal with buttons and widgets -- if you want to close a window, just swipe it to the side, or to expand it, just pull two fingers apart. Of course, it'll probably be a little while before the iPad and its interface fully replaces the more traditional UI, but I think it'll happen at some point in the future.

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