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AT&T's LG eXpo pico projects itself right out of stock, production problems to blame?

Chris Ziegler

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As Windows Mobile 6.5-based handsets go, LG's eXpo unquestionably stands near the top of the pile thanks to its WVGA display, 1GHz Snapdragon core, and optional pico projector hump for the rear -- but there's a problem: it's really, really hard to find. Nigh impossible, actually, especially now that AT&T has pulled it off its online store altogether (it had been showing out of stock for weeks anyway). The reason for that isn't entirely clear -- LG and AT&T are happy to cite "strong demand," naturally, but the company that supplies the eXpo's fingerprint sensor says there are actually some outstanding antenna problems that have the production line backlogged. So when's it coming back? "Soon," according to LG, but in this business we've seen "soon" mean anything from a few minutes to a few years, so that doesn't mean much -- and in the meantime, we're thinking T-Mobile's HD2 stands to eat its lunch.

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