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Final Cut dominant among Oscar documentary nominees


Steve Jobs and the iPad both appeared on TV during last night's Academy Awards, but they weren't the extent of Apple's presence.

Cnet reports this morning that the majority of the "Documentary Feature" and "Documentary Short" nominees -- 9 out of 10 in fact -- were made using Final Cut Studio, Apple's professional video editing package. Cnet spoke with some of the filmmakers, including Dan Wilken, online editor of "Food, Inc," who sung the suite's praises. "...[switching to Final Cut Studio] made the most sense economically and allowed us to do everything we needed."

Final Cut isn't the only professional editing software available but it is the most popular; market research firm SCRI International claim is has a near 50% market share among nonlinear editors.

With this in mind we get an even clearer picture of Steve's motivation for showing up. Certainly to have fun and experience the show, cheer on Up and other Disney offerings and keep his company and products in the minds of a very lucrative market.

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