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Gigabyte 'Codfish' Android 1.6 handset outed


We don't see too many Gigabyte phones in these parts, but all indications seem to suggest that the company is throwing in with Android for future handset releases (which is what we would recommend, if it ever asked us -- which it doesn't). As we wait eagerly for the GSmart Android phone to make its debut, which should happen any second now (right, guys?) we have word of a second Donut-powered device with the oh-so-unappealing name Codfish. According to PointGPhone, this bad boy is of "good manufacturing quality," "very responsive," and counts among its many charms a 3.2-inch display and 5 megapixel camera. We're just hoping that Codfish is either a codename or translates into something really bad-ass in Mandarin.

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