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The Daily Grind: GDC10 predictions?

Kyle Horner

With GDC 2010 officially beginning tomorrow, March 9th, we'd like to hear your MMO predictions. And remember, the wilder the better. Although, if you've got some inside info, we're always happy to receive hints via our contact form.

Here are some of our predictions, see if you can figure out the wild crazy ones:

  • Red 5 Studios minimally reveals the name of their first title.
  • BioWare attends, but Star Wars: The Old Republic maintains a low presence.
  • Realtime Worlds will be there showing off something awesome about All Points Bulletin. This particular blogger will obsess over not attending and missing out on seeing the game again.
  • Massively Editor Sera Brennan will be dared and subsequently sing a most heinously embarrassing song. She'll later regret these events, as the very performance of said song will delay, at minimum, five MMOs set to release sometime within the next 24 months.
Think you can do better? We agree, but would like to see proof, mind you.

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