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WoW Moviewatch: How to Win at Professions


Wowcrendor's back with another installment of his satirical How-to series. This episode is focused on the wide world of crafters and gatherers, with How To Win At WoW Professions. Don't worry -- it's really hard to actually win at professions, so you can think of this videos as something more like "how to get the most out of it."

My favorite bits of this video actually highlights one of my personal issues with crafting. At the opening of an expansion, crafted items are really quite important. They help you bootstrap yourself into the new raiding content and give you a little bit of a leg up. Late in the expansions, however, crafted gear is rendered almost irrelevant to progression. (Or, at least, only mildly relevant, and even then they rely on getting raiding reputations to even make the better gear.)

While I understand there are balance concerns around making profession gear as good as raiding gear, I'd still like to see more crafting items released as professions move on. Wrath was okay for that; here's hoping Cataclysm is even better.

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