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Eliss creator's next game: Faraway


Steph Thirion, creator of the early iPhone standout Eliss, has a new game on the way, from a new company. The first game to be released by Thirion's studio, Little-Eyes, will be Faraway, a project Thiron says "will be about constellations and infinite space travel."

Faraway will be on display at the Kokoromi Gamma IV event tomorrow, and should also be playable at the Gamma IV showcase during GDC. At that point, presumably, we'll know exactly what Faraway is and what platforms we'll be able to play it on.

Our guess: Thirion's note that Faraway "drastically increases the scale of the play area" (compared to Eliss) could be a reference not only to the new gameplay setting, but a new platform: the iPad. It is, however, worth noting that the Faraway preview image on the Little-Eyes site is presented in the iPhone's display resolution.

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