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Global Agenda drops patch 1.2 to the test servers

Eliot Lefebvre

We're only about a week out from the first patch to Global Agenda, but Hi-Rez Studios has been hard at work in their super-secret laboratory (only slightly less secret than that) producing new content for the game. Patch 1.2 has already gone to the test server for experimentation and stress testing, and it expands the Alliance vs. Alliance gameplay substantially. Instead of forcing you into direct conflict, it opens up the possibility for theft missions to draw resources and hamper production for enemies, as well as letting players take part in battles where their Agency controls no territory.

New defense facilities are also being added, allowing those under attack more options to keep themselves safe. There are also options to trade territory to other forces or abandon areas that an Agency can no longer defend confidently. And that's not counting the large list of updates to the game's systems, expanded battle brackets, and re-tuned maps to make the existing gameplay more enjoyable. Take a look at the full list of updates for more of the changes, as well as a sneak peek of what's coming in Global Agenda's subsequent patch -- it might be young, but the game is clearly firing on all cylinders.

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