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Samsung NaviBot SR8845 / SR8855 vacuum cleaner hands-on


It didn't take long for these NaviBots to win our hearts -- we only spent about five intimate minutes watching them vacuuming the floor at Samsung's UK product launch event, but frankly, we fell hard upon first sight. On the left we have the SR8845 basic model going for £399 ($599), and the SR8855 at the rear is priced higher at £449 ($674) with its touch-sensitive buttons (instead of physical ones), on-board scheduler (instead of a countdown timer) and a pair of Virtual Guards -- boxes that create an infrared virtual fence to create a priority cleaning zone or to block the NaviBots -- instead of one. That said, both bots have the same vacuum performance, have visionary mapping, run for 90 minutes on a two-hour charge, and have anti-fall / anti-collision technology to boot. Say whatever you want about the prices and feel free to doubt the bots' sucking abilities, but hopefully the video after the break will at least leave you with a smile. Both will be in British shops at the end of April.

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