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Samsung Galaxy Spica comes to Rogers

Chris Ziegler

Granted, they got off to a slow start -- but every since the Dream and Magic originally launched, Rogers has done a pretty commendable job of leading the Android charge north of the border. Latest in the line is Samsung's venerable i5700 Galaxy Spica, a phone that won't win any awards for running up-to-date firmware (it still rocks Cupcake) nor any medals for being high-end (the camera's just 3.2 megapixels with no flash), but at the very least, it makes an interesting, cheap Magic alternative with a high likelihood of an Android 2.x upgrade down the road. If you're willing to commit three years upfront, you can score this bad boy for CAD $79.99 (about $78) right this very second -- or a more daunting CAD $399.99 ($390) commitment-free if you're into that sort of thing.

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